How a Utah Man Found $45,000 But Gave It Back

Josh Ferrin from Utah is the true definition of an honest man. On May 20, 2011, he found $45,000 in his newly bought house hidden in a place where nobody could see it. As any other human would, the thoughts of buying a car and paying for his home struck his mind.

Five garbage bags filled with cash.
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But he still decided to return this treasure to its rightful owner, the people who owned the house previously. Indeed, not many of us would have done the same. Ferrin was a father to two boys, and he always taught them to be honest and do the right thing regardless of the situation.

Money Tucked Away in a Secretive Place

A few hours after Ferrin bought the house, he went to the back of the garage to check out a place where he would keep his tools. He looked up and discovered a small access panel in the ceiling. He took a ladder and climbed up to see what was there. The place was dark, but he could see an old, dusty, heavy ammo box.

Josh Ferrin poses beside the ammo boxes
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Upon opening it, Ferrin was surprised to find rolls of dollar bills. He went down and told his wife what he had just seen in their attic. He climbed back up and found seven more boxes stashed with money. It took him and his wife three hours to count it and stopped when they hit $40,000.

Ferrin Had to Do the Right Thing

Like any human, Ferrin thought of everything he could use the money for. He was an honest man who believed in doing the right thing. He said it was wrong to dwell on those things when it’s not his money.

Josh Ferrin holds up a wad of cash.
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Ferrin confessed that some of his family members advised him against returning the money, saying it was his house, his property! But he and his wife strongly knew what needed to be done. He said this was the first step in a journey for them, and they couldn’t start that new chapter in their lives in the house by doing something wrong.

Ferrin Was Happy to be Part of Arnold’s Life

Ferrin discovered that Arnold Bangerter was the owner of the house and that he lived there until his death last November. The man was the father of six and had worked for the Department of Fish and Game. He had spent at least a decade saving up the money.

A photo of Arnold Bangerter with his wife.
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As an artist and author, Ferrin disclosed that he knew what it meant to work on something for a long time and look forward to seeing results. He felt like he got a peek into this man’s life and to do something in his life that the deceased never saw completed in his own time.

Ferrin Gave the Money Bangerter’s Children

Ferrin had decided to return the money to the rightful owners. He called Bangerter’s children and gave them their dad’s savings. He said that even though he didn’t get to keep the money, he felt so lucky that he was the man that found it.

Josh Ferrin return the money to its rightful owners.
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He proudly said that he was the guy metaphorically walking down the beach that came across a treasure chest filled with gold! He went ahead and explained that this was a story that he would tell forever. It’s fair to say that not everyone would have given the money away.