One Man’s Plea for Insanity. Will It Work?

In 2019, Danueal Drayton was suspected of murdering a nurse in Queens, New York. He was then accused of sexual assault and attempted murder of a woman in her home in North Hollywood. Drayton himself announced himself as a serial killer.

Danueal Drayton’s mug shot.
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Drayton claimed that voices in his head were summoning “direct energy weapons” to gain control over his mind. He also claimed that these phantom voices led him to commit all of those heinous crimes. In other words, he was pleading insanity.

Fighting the Voices in His Head

Drayton stated that he suffers from bipolar disorder as well as schizophrenia. Detectives, however, found no history of mental illness. For all the charges of rape, attempted murder, and on and on, he pleaded not guilty.

A selfie of Samantha Stewart.
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Samantha Stewart was the nurse Drayton met through Tinder. Not long after, she was found dead in her apartment. Drayton then used her nurse’s credit card to buy a ticket to Los Angeles.

On to LA

Drayton flew to Los Angeles to attempt to take the life of yet another woman, whom he took hostage and sexually assaulted for two days. Authorities located him before he could finish the deed.

A press conference is held about Danueal Drayton’s trail.
Source: 9News

Drayton admitted to killing Stewart, recalling that he strangled her until she went “stiff.” He insisted that he didn’t want to killer, but the voices in his head were telling him to.

He Wanted to Be Traced

Drayton tried using bleach to cover up the crime, but he told the police that he also wanted to put an end to the voices. So, he left his cologne in the apartment and carried his cell phone with him so he could be traced.

Someone opens the Tinder app on the phone.
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He confessed to murdering seven others, but this hasn’t been verified. He faces up to 23 years to life in prison…