The Maintenance Man Killer in the Seniors’ Home

Brooklyn’s Carter G. Woodson Houses seemed like a pleasant senior’s home that most elderly people would like to live in, that is until a serial killer came around. In 2015, a series of horrifying deaths descended upon the residents.

The welcome sign at the entrance to the Woodson Houses.
Source: ABC News

Four elderly tenants were discovered brutally murdered. Who would kill such helpless senior citizens? And why? It turns out the culprit was a handyman who worked in the building.

Heinous Crimes in the Seniors’ Home

Kevin Gavin, 66, was arrested in March 2021 on one count of first-degree murder and three counts of second-degree murder. He’s facing life in prison for the heinous crimes he committed, taking the lives of innocent old people.

Kevin Gavin is escorted in handcuffs by police.
Source: YouTube

But he pleaded not guilty. “These victims were mothers, grandmothers and beloved friends whose violent deaths have had a chilling effect inside their housing complex and on the Brownsville community,” the DA stated.

The Maintenance Man Killer

Gavin was a maintenance man who did odd jobs for three of his victims at the Carter G. Woodson Houses and claimed that the women owed him money. His last victim was Juanita Caballero, 78, who was found with a phone cord wrapped around her neck.

A photo of Juanita Caballero.
Source: Facebook

Gavin allegedly strangled her during a struggle inside her apartment. Two years earlier, he allegedly choked and then stomped on the neck of Jacolia “Jackie” James, 83.

His Frist Known Target

His first target was Myrtle McKinney, in 2015, whom Gavin pushed into a table and stabbed with a steak knife into her neck. It’s been difficult for residents to feel safe again in their homes, still in shock that a serial killer walked among them for years.

A photo of Myrtle McKinney.
Source: YouTube

Regarding the fourth victim, Hector Higgins, Gavin, wasn’t charged for the murder. Reportedly, no incriminating evidence against him was found.