The Mysterious Murder of Journalist Kim Wall

In August 2017, Swedish Journalist Kim Wall was on board Peter Madsen’s submarine, UC3 Nautilus, when she disappeared. She and the Danish entrepreneur were the only two people on the vessel. Authorities launched a search after the submarine failed to return. Wall’s boyfriend also reported that the 30-year-old was missing.

Peter Madsen / Kim Wall
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Officials rescued Madsen on water and arrested him shortly after the UC3 Nautilus sank. Madsen pleaded not guilty and kept on changing his narrative throughout the trial. He was charged with premeditated killing, inappropriate handling of a corpse, and sexual assault. Let’s see how the events unfolded.

Why Was Wall Interested In Peter Madsen?

Peter Madsen enjoyed some clout in Denmark. Wall had been chasing an interview with him because of his ambitions to build a rocket. So, she took a chance when he invited her on a trip. It was her last story before moving with her partner to China.

Kim Wall is seen aboard the submarine with Peter Madsen.
Source: BBC

Dismembered parts of Wall’s body washed up on shore between August and November. As per the postmortem reports, there were many stab wounds in the groin area. But there was no sign of blunt trauma to her head.

How Did The Murder Take Place?

After being rescued, Madsen claimed that he had safely seen off Wall on land, and she left of her own will. Later in the trial, he changed his story to say that he had dumped the journalist’s body into the sea after she died in an “accident” on board.

Peter Madsen’S submarine.
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Madsen eventually accepted that he had dismembered the body but claimed that Wall had died after inhaling poisonous fumes on the submarine. The postmortem report ruled this out. In a 2020 documentary, Madsen finally admitted that he had killed Wall.

What Happened To UC3 Nautilus?

The UC3 Nautilus was the third submarine built by Peter Madsen. The midget submarine took three years and around $200,000 to construct. It weighed 40 tons and had been in the sea many times. It was an incredible machine but a key part of a gruesome murder.

Peter Madsen poses inside his submarine.
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The submarine sank after the murder of Kim Wall. Authorities say it was a deliberate attempt by Madsen to destroy evidence from the crime scene. It was later confiscated to assist with the investigation. After that, it was damaged.

Why Did Madsen Kill Wall?

Madsen and Wall were not acquainted outside of work, so he had no vendetta against her. The prosecution established a motive by citing the police seizure of Madsen’s devices. Police had found videos of women being murdered on his laptop. There were also eyewitness accounts of Madsen watching videos of asphyxiation sex.

A portrait of Peter Madsen.
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Madsen was convicted on all charges and awarded a life sentence in 2018. Two years later, he threatened a guard at Herstedvester Prison and escaped. He was caught in a residential area not far from the facility. In February 2021, he was given a 21-month prison sentence for his failed attempt to escape. As per legal experts, this additional sentence will only come into play if parole is considered in Madsen’s case.