Athletes With Insured Body Parts

It is pretty usual and necessary to acquire insurance for valuable assets such as cars, properties, and even intangible assets like patents are not left out. For athletes, that’s not all there is to be insured. It is hardly strange to secure insurance covering them in a career-threatening injury.

David Beckham is on the field.
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The body remains the most valuable asset because it reels in the big bucks, which can easily acquire other assets. However, athletes are joining the world of celebrities who insure specific body parts that drive the magic. Let’s delve in to see some great and unique insurance deals!

Iker Casillas Insured His Hands

The world of soccer has enjoyed Iker Casillas as one of its greatest goalkeepers. Real Madrid has described it as “the best goalkeeper in Real Madrid’s history and the history of Spanish football.”

Iker Casillas is on the field.
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As a renowned goalkeeper who led a 30-year career before his retirement in 2020, he went ahead to insure his hands for €15 million in 2007 with Groupama Insurance, according to TBS Sports news. The deal also covers his hands anywhere in the world, regardless of whether he is on the field.

Fernando Alonso Insured His Thumbs

Fernando Alonso, double winner of World Drivers Championships consecutively and the only Spanish to have done, is highly considered one of the outstanding Formula One racecar drivers. Starting his racing career at 17 and moving on to Formula One, Fernando debuted with Minardi in 2001.

A portrait of Fernando Alonso.
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Fernando insured his thumbs for $13.3 million with Santander, a Spanish-based bank. I was wondering why the thumb? Of course, it is indispensable for F1 driving, but the bank is a sign of victory and protection.

Cristiano Ronaldo Insured His Legs

Cristiano Ronaldo has made a significant mark in the world of football. He stands out as one of the greatest players and has championed multiple international victories, winning 32 trophies and numerous Ballon d’Or awards.

Cristiano Ronaldo plays on the field.
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Ever since he made his international debut at age 18 in Portugal in 2003, he has made over 1,100 professional appearances and scored over 800 goals. He became the first footballer to earn $1 billion and was ranked the highest-paid athlete in 2016 by Forbes. Real Madrid had to ensure Ronaldo’s legs for £90 million in 2009 to protect their investment after signing his transfer for £80 million.

Troy Polamalu Insured His Hair

Troy Polamalu, an eight-time Pro Bowl player and six-time All-Pro selection spent his NFL career playing with the Pittsburgh Steelers for twelve years. Since being drafted out of the University of Southern California in 2003, he became a defensive player with an intense performance, recording 783 tackles in his career.

Troy Polamalu looks on from the sidelines of a football game.
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With a 3ft-long hair flowing out of his helmet uncut since the 2000s, he bagged insurance for $1 million by Procter & Gamble’s Head and Shoulders shampoo brand. He officially retired in 2015 and was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on February 1, 2020, his first year of eligibility.