How a Friendly Wave Led a Police Officer to Save a Little Girl’s Life

Police officers are committed to helping citizens live peacefully by stopping crimes and maintaining law and order. But sometimes, they go the extra mile to do the unexpected. Unfortunately, most of these acts go unrecognized.

Klynn Scales / Officer Jeffrey Colvin
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For one police officer, a quick wave back to Klynn Scales, a girl aged nine, turned into something beautiful and an unconditional friendship. A terrifying event changed the girl’s life and that of the office for the better. Here’s the story about this heroic officer and a clever little girl.

Klynn Scales’ Difficult Childhood

At nine, Klynn Scales became a friend to a local police officer assigned to patrol her neighborhood (Kansas City, Missouri) daily. She would always sit by the window daily and excitedly wave to the officer to say hello when he passed by her house, and the officer would always wave back.

Klynn Scales and her siblings.
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Klynn had a difficult childhood. From a toxic neighborhood to caring for her two younger brothers, it was hard for her to grow like an ordinary girl. She was forced to become a mother to her brothers and do everything for them to survive, even at the expense of her wellbeing.

How He Saved Her Life

It wasn’t long before the police officer noticed Klynn’s life was a mess. He drove by daily to ensure they were safe and assured Klynn that he was there to protect her. Motivated by this dedication, Klynn got through even her most difficult moments.

A empty house window.
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But one day, the girl didn’t show up to greet him as usual, and the officer knew something wasn’t right. Led by his instincts, he went to Scales’ household and found her lying on the floor, struggling to take a breath. The officer rushed Klynn to the hospital and saved her life. After the incident, she and her family moved to Texas. She wasn’t able to thank the officer for saving her life.

Klynn on the Lookout for Her Hero

When Klynn started searching for her heroic police officer 20 years later, she posted about her experience. Luckily, Jennifer Jones, a Sergeant with the Kansas City Police, read her story. Jones sent an email to a police officer named Jeff Colvin, who happened to be Klynn’s guardian angel.

Klynn Scales and Jeff Colvin pose together.
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Jeff recognized the story and was ecstatic to learn that the girl whose life he saved was able to grow up into a great woman. He, too, had never forgotten Klynn; the only thing left was for them to reunite, which they did. The reunion changed Colvin’s life as it reignited their passion for his job.

Klynn’s Career is a Reflection of Her Past

Klynn revealed to Colvin that he inspired her to become a police officer and had already applied to be a recruit in Houston. It was also surprising for him to learn that she had been dreaming of the reunion for twenty years. Colvin was like a hero, a career inspiration, and a surrogate father to Klynn.

Klynn Scales talks during an interview.
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Immediately she learned the name of her hero, Klynn had a bracelet crafted and the words “Sgt. Jeff Colvin – A True Hero” on it to honor him. The beautiful story proves that police officers can positively impact other people’s lives.