How Building a New McDonald’s Led to an Amazing Discovery

Workers were laying the groundwork for the new McDonald’s brand on the outskirts of Rome when they found something buried underground. Whether you believe it or not, this secret has been lurking in some people’s footsteps for over 2000 years!

McDonald's restaurant opened near Saint Peter's square.
Photo by Alvaro Padilla/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Not long after the discovery, archeologists began the long dreaded digging. After digging for what seemed to be years, the archeologists finally uncovered the mystery from the past. Read on to find out what has been buried for the last twenty decades, and McDonald’s coped with the discovery!

A Country full of History

It all started in 2014 in Frattocchie, where the workers had just started constructing the new McDonald’s branch. Despite having over 600 branches all over Italy, the company decided to open a branch in Frattocchie as it was an ideal location in the country.

Sign outside McDonald's leads to the archaeological dig.
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However, unlike most countries around the world, Rome has quite a long history that goes way back to the ‘Stone Age, and you won’t know what’s beneath your feet. There have been many discoveries of what is underneath the streets of Italy—ranging from a fancy staircase to hidden ruins. But what truly lies beneath the streets for the new McDonald’s branch?

Under the New McDonald’s

While preparing for the new branch, the workers found a hidden stash of Roman relics. While the archeologists were studying the area of the discovery, there was, in fact, another discovery that was found by the building team. It must have been a huge surprise for the construction workers!

The glass floor that shows the History below McDonald's.
Source: Twitter

Aside from the Roman relics, three male skeletons were discovered in the area. In addition, there were also remnants of four other humans. There was something unusual that happened. But how did McDonald’s handle this situation?

The Old Ancient Roman

When diving deeper into the site, the archeologists found out that the site was part of the ancient Roman road that once linked to the well-known Appian Way. It may be a way to the property of the rich and has become an important pathway for the entire empire since 312 B.C.

A view inside the relics below the restaurant.
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Unfortunately, the road they found was the only surviving section during the discovery, whereas everything else was destroyed. Despite this, it is truly a great discovery as Appian Way was a pathway for well-known figures like Horace, a Roman poet who traveled to Brindisi from Rome.

What WasMcdonalds’ Decision?

What did McDonald’s do when they heard about this discovery? Well, instead of being annoyed that something was disrupting their construction, McDonald’s funded over $350,000 to the archeologists for the excavation.

A tour guide explains the ruins through the glass floor.
Source: YouTube

In addition, McDonald’s came out with a smart solution to preserve the historical discovery and maintain a new branch. McDonald’s decided to make an underground museum dedicated to the Roman remains and installed clear glass above it so that consumers could see and appreciate the piece of History left behind for them.