Let This Lottery Win/Loss Be a Lesson to Everyone

Roger and Lara Griffiths really believed that their dreams had come true when they won $2 million in 2005 through the lottery. The couple, married for 10 years at that point, was about to live their dreams.

Roger and Lara Griffiths on their wedding day.
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But eight years later, they were left with a mere ten or so dollars in the bank. Lara found herself working long hours in the beauty salon she used to own, and Roger had to repossess their home. Oh, and their marriage was in tatters. What happened?

Lavish Holidays and Fancy Cars

They overspent on everything – on lavish holidays, fancy cars, designer handbags, and bad investments. Roger tried to make it as a rockstar, but it just didn’t work out. Roger and Lara’s passive income stream – through the salon they opened up together – was only losing them money.

Roger and Lara Griffiths hold out their big check.
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In the end, they were losing about $5,000 per month on the salon. Four years after the lottery win, they were down to their last $900,000. Then, after Christmas in 2009, a house fire erupted and spread throughout the entire home.

A Devastating House Fire

They were therefore forced to move and rent a property for seven months, adding to their expenses. Roger got depressed and started cheating on his wife. Lara decided to end their 14-year marriage. “It was the worst moment of my life,” she stated.

A firetruck attempts to put out a house fire.
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Roger denied everything and even blamed his then ex-wife for wasting their money on shopping blitzes. They ended up selling off the salon, the house, as they were unable to pay the mortgage.

A Hard Time Moving On

Roger lives by himself in a tiny house, finding it difficult to move on. When asks about having won the lottery, he says it was the worst day of his life. But both Lara and Roger found new partners.

A portrait of Roger / A portrait of Lara
Photo by Glen Minikin

Lara said that sometimes she screams, “Where did this go wrong?” Even after all the loss and accusations and denials, Lara says she misses Roger. Be careful, folks, if you ever win the lottery!