The Curious Case of a Dead Woman in a Hotel Freezer

On September 10, a 19-year-old girl named Kenneka Jenkins was found dead in a walk-in freezer at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Chicago. The medical examiner has ruled her death as an accident. Hypothermia was the main cause of death.

A selfie of Kenneka Jenkins.
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Contributing factors were alcohol and topiramate, which were found in her body. According to the office, topiramate is the drug used to treat conditions like epilepsy and migraines headaches; as per Jenkin’s family, she has not been prescribed this medication. Consuming alcohol with topiramate aggravates the effects of both and can hasten Hypothermia, which was confirmed by the presence of lesions in Jenkins’s stomach.

There Was No Evidence of Trauma

The police have reported no evidence of trauma except for a small cut on her foot. According to the examiner’s office, there was no sign of forcing her to consume drugs or alcohol. The Rosemont police department has yet to complete the investigation and said no foul play had been suspected.

CCTV footage of Jenkins walking around the hotel.
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The security camera at the hotel showed the captured last moments of the deceased. Jenkins with her three other friends arrived at the hotel around 1:15 am on September 9, 2017. About two hours after entering the party at 3:20 am, camera footage showed Jenkins stumbling alone across the empty hall. She disappeared from the frame after entering the unused kitchen.

There Was No-one To Blame

However, the security camera didn’t show how the 19-year-old entered the freezer, where she was later found dead. The examiner found the body lying faced down, the cooler and freezer were operational, and the doors were closed.

A recreation of the crime scene.
Source: Reddit

The freezer temperature was 34 °F (1 °C) nearly two hours after finding the body. As per the office, there was no evidence of some other person in the kitchen, and no interaction with any individual was seen in the camera footage before the demise of Kenneka Jenkins.

They Tried To Find Her

After looking for her in the hotel for about 1 hour, Jenkin’s friend called her mother, Teresa Martin, who arrived at 5:30 am and knocked on many guest rooms to find her daughter. The mother of Kenneka Jenkins, Teresa Martin, had accused police and hotel staff of not taking action quickly when she reported her daughter missing.

Jenkin’s mother talks to the press.
Source: ABC News

The police have asked the mother to go home, relax and give some time, considering it like some typical after-party thing. The police have conducted multiple interviews and have been looking for those 36 people who attended the party, which was booked with a stolen credit card.

Is There More To This Case?

Rosemont police department has stated that they are still investigating the case and are searching for the other two people who checked in the hotel for the same party which Kenneka Jenkin’s attended. While it seems like an accident, there are some suspicious circumstances around her untimely death.

A selfie of Kenneka.
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Family attorney, George Fieger, says that the hotel employees knew the party had been hosted with a stolen credit card by 20 underage people. Every freezer in the hotel has a padlock except one where Jenkin’s body was found.