The Times Shia LaBeouf Was Arrested

Since he was young, Shia LaBeouf has always been in front of the camera. At ten years old, Shia got his first taste of the spotlight as a stand-up comedian before he took on more prominent roles as an actor on the big screen.

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But it wasn’t just the roles that LaBeouf got that made his name buzz around. Shia had a long list of arrests that kept his name around for all the wrong reasons. Did you wonder how Shia ended up in trouble? Then read on to find out!

The First Step to Fame

Just like many other artists, LaBeouf didn’t start easy. Shia mentioned that he randomly picked an entertainment agent in the Yellow Pages and then pretended to be a talent manager to convince them to take him, which in the end, they did.

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After signing with the agency, LaBeouf was booked, and before he knew it, he got his first significant role as Louis Steven for the Disney show, “Even Stevens.” Since that role, LaBeouf never looked back; instead, he set the mindset ‘go big or go home. And it shows in his roles and the amount of time he has been arrested.

The Start of His Arrests

Surprisingly, it’s not unusual that Disney stars would have a fallout in their career. But LaBeouf has a long history of crime; the first goes back to when he was nine years old. Shia was first arrested at that age for “stealing a pair of Nike Cortezes.”

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However, that first moment sparked LaBeouf into his second steal at age 11, which was “a Gameboy Pok√©mon from K-Mart.” Surprisingly, Shia’s criminal career went on hiatus in his teens but made a comeback during his 20s.

He’s Had Some Odd Arrests

Shia’s subsequent arrest was when he threatened his neighbor with a knife and ended up being detained for two days. Despite admitting that being in jail was unpleasant, LeBeouf has yet to learn his lesson and was soon arrested for obscure reasons.

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From getting wasted, getting his truck flipped to even making an outburst at a show on Broadway, LeBeouf was arrested left and right. Some of his recent arrests were when he supposedly assaulted someone in 2017 and 2019. Trouble always seems to follow him around.

A Change of Mind

It took a lot out of LeBeouf to admit it, but in 2018, LeBeouf openly revealed to Esquire that he went through rehab and was diagnosed with PTSD. This allowed him to understand the violence that he did towards others was an act out of defense because he always had a feeling that “somebody was coming in.”

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But it wasn’t until 2020, when his ex-girlfriend, FKA Twigs, filed a lawsuit against Shia, that he admitted his struggles about being abusive to others and himself. LeBeouf confessed that he tends to hurt people close to him.